By Realtors

Q. I am a real estate Broker. Do you have any properties for sale?
A. SignUp.htm

Q. I have properties that might be of interest for E&M to purchase. Whom should I contact? 
A. Michael Langer at info@emmgmt.com

Q. What type of properties is E&M looking to purchase?
A. E&M is interested in purchasing multifamily buildings within the five Boroughs.

Q. In what type of properties do you specialize? Do you buy commercial and office buildings?
A. At E&M, we only purchase commercial space when it is associated with a multifamily property.

Q. Does E&M purchase industrial space?
A. No, E&M does not purchase industrial properties.

By Tenants

Q. I am looking for an apartment to rent. With whom should I speak?
A. Select your area.

Q. How can I find out who the super or manager is for my building?
A. Contact us.

Q. I have a complaint regarding an issue in a building or apartment. To whom should I direct my concern?
A. E&M is committed to excellent customer service. Your first point of contact should be the Building Manager for that building. (link to drop down menu of building, building manager’s name and phone) If that person is unable to resolve your concern, please contact E&M’s corporate office at:

By People who want to work with or for E&M

Q. Are you hiring?
A. E&M is always looking for top talent. Click to see our list of Career Openings.

Q. I am a vendor interested in providing a service to E&M. Whom should I contact?
A. Vendors should submit an email to vendors@emmgmt.com. Explain the type of service you provide or product you sell.

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