Case Studies

Case Study 1

The Challenge

The Fulton building was an abandoned afterthought that E&M was required to purchase as part of a portfolio acquisition. The building was in dilapidated condition. It had been stripped of all its copper piping and wires. Whole staircases were missing. The boiler wasn't functional and the property was essentially a no-mans land.  What remained of the building was filled with squatters and drug dealers. It was a shame given the property’s excellent location across from a beautiful park and public swimming pool and a block away from area schools. 

The Proposition

Once E&M Associates acquired the Fulton building, we approached the Department of Homeless Services about utilizing the property as a homeless shelter. E&M has employed this approach before with success. The Department of Homeless Services responded that there was indeed a need for a homeless shelter, but that the need was pressing. A shelter was needed in four months and DHS considered it would be impossible for the property to be ready in time because renovations to their strict standards usually take years to complete. Rather than take no for an answer, E&M took the challenge.

The Solution

E&M quickly gathered 400 qualified construction workers and set them to the task. The goal: to completely renovate the Fulton building to create a homeless shelter that met with the Department of Homeless Services’ rigorous standards. Logistics were a major challenge because the building had no facilities and there were no dining facilities or food preparation areas. To deal with those issues, lines of portable restrooms were brought to the site and lunch trucks were contacted to remain on site throughout the construction process. A portable city including supply management, security, logistics and more was established. New floors, walls, boiler, brickwork, windows and roof were installed. Soup to nuts, everything was replaced. Due to massive effort, E&M was able to completely gut and renovate the entire building in just four months, squeaking in under the deadline. 

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