Community Focus

E&M Associates is committed to working with the public and government agencies to make New York's neighborhoods a better place to live. During the acquisition and positioning of any property, E&M strives to work with existing tenant groups to ensure that their needs and concerns are met and addressed. The leadership of the E&M organization works with local politicians and community organizations on issues of concern such as adequate street lighting, cleanup of graffiti, and constituent concerns in order to improve the community.

Likewise, E&M works to understand individual tenants and their diverse cultures and backgrounds. E&M is keenly aware of the melting pot that is New York City and is sensitive to religious and cultural requirements of tenants. The organization is flexible to work with their unique needs.

Moreover, E&M maintains a very close working relationship with the New York Police Department. Using their Elevator patrol program, the NYPD has keys to every property in E&M's portfolio and can enter and maintain a presence so that tenants can feel safe and secure in their homes. 
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