Delivering A Consistent Return On Investment

With a perspective spanning nearly half a century, E&M Associates is committed to a real estate investment philosophy that minimizes risk while maximizing value and return on investment.

The owners of E&M Associates began investing in multifamily real estate over 40 years ago. The company has remained in direct control throughout the ups and downs of numerous real estate cycles. Despite the fluctuations, E&M has remained true to a set of core principles in all its portfolio acquisitions. The leadership endeavors to meet a standard of excellence backed by a tradition of professionalism. These efforts have resulted in cash flow, net operating income, and value growth.

E&M Associates has excelled in real estate investments because it is its primary business. A proven track record, the ability to creatively structure investments, meticulous attention to detail, and value-enhanced property management are all qualities that have contributed to the successes of the E&M portfolio of properties. Drawing from a “deep bench” of internal experts, the objective has been, is and will continue to be to seek strategically located properties with significant appreciation potential in their own right, and that can be significantly enhanced by E&M’s value-adding skills. Each property is approached from an investor’s point of view, seeking to understand the underlying intrinsic value of the property, as well as the steps that must be taken to unlock that value. The consistency of E&M’s results over many decades justifies an unwavering confidence in this approach.
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