Managing Real Estate As An Investment

E&M Associates is dedicated to the use of real estate investments for the protection, preservation, and enhancement of invested capital. We specialize in opportunistically acquiring and rehabbing assets that are under-managed, undercapitalized and underperforming in target markets which exhibit favorable conditions. We focus on properties priced at a significant discount to replacement cost and/or distressed or over-leveraged situations. We add strength through entrepreneurial management and efficient deployment of capital improvement funds, which will result in additional rental yield.

Our combination of real estate expertise and multi-disciplined skills, with a philosophy of “hands-on management,” has produced a company devoted to quality, innovation, and performance. Over the years, wise planning and a shrewd management philosophy has enabled E&M Associates to create ongoing opportunities regardless of market conditions that provide a sound return on investment. This has resulted in past successes, and is the foundation upon which E&M Associates is building a successful future in real estate investment. In today’s ever-changing real estate market, E&Ms investment constancy is what sets the company apart.
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