There Is No Substitute for Knowledge and Experience

E&M’s executives offer an unparalleled depth of experience, professional credentials, and a profound understanding of the multifamily residential real estate market. Indeed, what distinguishes E&M’s team from other real estate investment companies is its keen understanding of the multifamily market and its commitment to quality and service. This emanates is not just from the company’s wise leadership, but from every member of the team which is invested in the company’s success.

E&M has been invested in and committed to the New York residential real estate market for over 40 years. In that time, wise planning and a savvy management philosophy have enabled E&M to identify opportunities regardless of market conditions. In the changing real estate industry, E&M brings strength, durability and solid know how to the management of multifamily real estate. Undoubtedly, E&M’s leadership will continue to be respected in New York real estate market for many decades to come.
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