The E&M Associates' Winning Strategy

E&M Associates is a highly-focused residential real estate investment and management company, specializing in multifamily apartment properties within New York City. Based in the Bronx, the company owns and manages throughout the boroughs of Bronx and Brooklyn, New York.

Aggressively pursuing value-added acquisitions, E&M’s leadership identifies and capitalizes on opportunities in the marketplace. Integrated within these communities, E&M’s management team keeps its fingers on the pulse of the market to identify opportunities as they develop. After closing, E&M repositions acquisitions as stabilized, income-producing assets within its long-term portfolio.

Operationally, the E&M management strategy is tenant-focused. The leadership and staff take a “hands on” approach to providing the highest level of tenant satisfaction, by meeting needs quickly, intelligently and creatively. The E&M team understands that thriving properties and satisfied tenants go hand-in-hand.

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